Mission Statement

The KWVMF has a mission to raise through donations, sales of products, grants, and control of copyright, a MEMORIAL MAINTENANCE ENDOWMENT FUND of five million dollars. The use of interest earned from this Fund is:

A. The mission of the Foundation is to ensure that the Korean War Veterans Memorial in our Nation’s Capital will be maintained in perpetuity, even in those times when public funds are scarce or not available for maintenance or repair; to assist with ceremonies at the Memorial honoring all those who have served; as well as to enhance the Memorial with the Wall of Remembrance listing all those who made the ultimate sacrifice to keep a people free from the tyrannies of Communism.

B. To protect the copyright of the Memorial against infringement by non-authorized third parties who market for profit sales of items, images, etc., of the Memorial. Copyright of such depiction is vested in three parties, Frank Gaylord, Sculptor of the Statues; Louis Nelson, Muralist of the Wall and Cooper/Leckey, Architects of Record. These entities have vested in KWVMF the responsibility to protect their copyright and to market products and/or to license the marketing of such by third parties. Infringement of this copyright is subject to penalties and litigation if necessary.

C. To campaign for and support as possible, greater emphasis on fostering an enhanced historical perspective on the importance of the Korean War and its’ impact on world events. To support similarly the teaching of American and World history in secondary schools, high schools, colleges and universities

D. To maintain a website included on which is an HONOR ROLL of those who served during the Korean War (25 June ‘50 – 27 July ’53) and Defense (28 July ’53 – present date) Eras. Inclusion on the HONOR ROLL is by request from the veterans concerned, their next of kin and/or others.

E. To ensure administration of the Foundation and its’ mission in perpetuity.