The Wall of Remembrance

The KOREAN WAR VETERANS MEMORIAL FOUNDATION (KWVMF) and the KOREAN WAR VETERANS ASSOCIATION (KWVA) are promoting legislation (H.R. 318) in the 113th Congress to add a 'WALL OF REMEMBRANCE' to augment the 'POOL OF REMEMBRANCE'.

We are asking for your support to help us persuade Members of Congress to sign on as co-sponsors to H.R. 318 to make this Wall of Remembrance a reality.  We need at least 218 co-sponsors before this legislation can be "forced" to reach the floor of the US House of Representatives using the Discharge Petition process. A discharge petition is a means of bringing H.R. 318 out of Committee (it is presently languishing in the Subcommittee on Public Lands and Environmental Regulations (chaired by the Honorable Rob Bishop of Utah) of the Committee on Natural Resources, chaired by the Honorable Doc Hastings (WA-4th).  H.R. 318 was introduced by Congressman Hall (TX) on January 18, 2013.  On June 10, 2014, the Subcommittee on Public Lands and Environmental Regulation held a legislative hearing on H.R. 318. No further action has been taken by that Subcommittee.  With just a few months left of the 113th Congress, it is critical that the bill receives the necessary number of co-sponsors (218) before the end of this Congress.  To date, H.R. 318 has only 68 co-sponsors who agree that our fallen soldiers deserve to be honored with the Wall of Remembrance.

A successful petition would discharge the Committee from further consideration of the bill and would bring it directly to the Floor of the US House of Representatives.

So, please contact your Member of Congress ( and ask them to become a co-sponsor to H.R. 318 to honor, by name 36,574 US soldiers killed in the "Forgotten" War, as well as honor by number those still mission in action (MIAs), POWs, and KATUSAS. It would also provide the opportunity to recognize the 20 United Nations who assisted to keep a nation free from Communism. (Identical legislation, introduced in the 112th Congress, failed because of inaction.)

The intent and specific wording of PL 99-572 which authorized a Korean War Veterans Memorial. stated in part:"  honor members of the United States Armed Forces who served  in  the  Korean War, particularly those who were killed in action, are still  missing  in  action, or  were  held  as  prisoners  of  war."

During the  design development stage by the Korean War Veterans Memorial Advisory Board, attempts  were made to incorporate a means of  listing U.S. Killed In Action (KIA) by name; Korean Augmentation To United States Army (KATUSA); Republic of Korea (ROK); and United Nations Killed In Action (UN KIA) and by number all Wounded In Action (WIA), Missing In Action (MIA) and Prisoners of War (POW).  For a variety of reasons, no longer germane, this concept was denied and discarded.

The final approved design hoped for a subliminal message to honor the fallen as discussed above. If  visitors do see the figures they do not convey the reality an average of almost 1000 dead and 3000 wounded month after month for 36 months of direct combat. What catches their eye is 'FREEDOM IS NOT FREE' but they miss relating that to the cost!  The intended subliminal message is too subtle for visitors to absorb, understand and appreciate.

To fulfill the specific requirements and intent of PL 99-572 it is proposed to erect a double panel glass wall encircling the rear 180 degrees of the Pool of Remembrance. The Wall, being of glass, will not interfere with the panorama of the Mall to those transiting the circumference of the Wall, and will also give a sense of closure to the Memorial.